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Superbowl Prediction - Steelers by 7

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Feb. 1st, 2009 | 06:47 pm
mood: chipperchipper

Well my college bowl predictions were a solid hit, but my latest round of playoff predictions were a disaster, as the Dolphins were thoroughly routed by the Ravens. However, I hope to redeem myself in the Superbowl.

Prediction: Steelers 24, Cards 17.

I suspect that this game will not be that close, but it will not be a blowout either. While it is hard to bet against Kurt and his puppies, I do not believe that they will be able to stay with the Steelers. The Steelers are just a more well rounded team, and in my mind the Card's defense is still suspect.  I may live to regret betting against the kids and the puppies, but we will see how it goes.  By bringing puppies into the equation, the scales of fate may fall on the Cards.  I will still be cheering on the Steelers, but I have some concerns.

Now my plan for tomorrow, as in China it will be Superbowl Monday, is to head out early (~5:30am) to a local sports bar to catch the game. Andrew says he is going too -- we will see if he can get up....
 I have no idea if the game will be carried in English or Chinese, but we will be able to watch it on a big screen. This should be interesting. I will update my blog tomorrow with my experience from watching a Superbowl in China.

Deanna's score puts the Steelers at  27 - Cards { tastes like chicken } 10 [ at the most] 

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