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Football Update

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Jan. 2nd, 2009 | 10:06 am
mood: optimisticoptimistic

Rose Bowl

The USC bowl went as I expected.  USC dominated, front to back, and Penn State was flat for the entire game.  Penn State was over rated at 8th, and I would have rather have seen USC play Texas.  USC is clearly a top 5 team, and I am not sure that Penn State is even a top 10 team.


The Dolphins continue to get no respect.  While I agree that the Ravens are a better team on paper, they are still going to have to win on the road with a rookie QB leading the team.  The last time the teams met, the Ravens easily won, and I expect them to be favored to win.  However, I think there is something special about this Dolphin team, and I am going to predict the upset.  I think their QB is going get a bit rattled, and will not be able win the game in the 4th quater.  I am expecting a tight game, and I think it will come down to a team executing in the 4th quarter to win.  Looking back over the past 6 match ups, the teams are tied at 3-3. 

The computers are picking the Ravens to win the game, but it does not become official until the teams actually hit the field and play some ball.

Score:  21-20 Dolphins.  Its going to be a tight game.


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