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SuperBowl 43 Wrapup

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Feb. 2nd, 2009 | 08:00 pm
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Super Bowl 43 Review

What a game! Definitely one of the better ones to watch.

We went to the Big Bamboo and we had great seats. The place opened at 6am, and my buddy was there at 6:10 to grab a table right in front of big screen TV.  We arrived at around 6:20am.  We were watching an ESPN Asia station, that was showing the NFL Network Broadcast with Bob and Sterling doing the play-by-play and color analysis. I am assuming this was a NFL Network Broadcast as Bob & Sterling are NFL guys not ESPN guys.  They were actually pretty good, and I enjoyed Sterling's commentary on the game.

General comments on the venue:

1. Overall pretty good. There was a good crowd, as the place was full, but not too crowded that you could not move.

2. They had a $15 cover to get in, and they had a breakfast buffet that they pulled out around 7am and by 9am, they closed it down. While the food was good, I would have liked it to have been open a little longer.

3. Drinks were a tad expensive, which is not surprising. Cokes (and pretty much everything else) were ~$4 drink, and there were no free refills.

The Broadcast

1. The screen was ~50" wide screen, however the broadcast was a normal broadcast that was stretched to fill screen, so everyone was looking a bit wide. It would have been nice to see the event in HD.

2. No Superbowl commercials. I was a bit disappointed with this, as we saw a steady stream of ESPN Asia, Soccer, and World Baseball commercials. That's it. 4 hours of the same 3 commercials. Thank good goodness they mixed up the Sports Center commercials a bit - I think there were about 3 or 4 different ones that they showed.

3. It was a bit humorous to hear that big game from the weekend was Chelsea v. Liverpool.

Half time show

Bruce still rocks...nuff said.

The Game

1. Probably a top 5 Superbowl. My all time favorite was Steelers - Cowboy version 2.

2. The pick 6 off Warner was a killer for the Cards. That was a huge play.

3. The 4th quarter was very exciting. Warner and the Cards picked it up with 16 points to take the lead.

4. Big Ben and S. Holmes were amazing in that final drive, and the catch was spectacular.

5. I wish Warner had another 30 seconds, as I would have liked to have seen if they could have put together a final drive.

6. Actually, I was hoping for overtime, and I thought that the Steelers were going to be forced to kick a field goal at the end.

7.  My prediction was a little low, as I was thinking Pittsburgh would only score 24 points, and they hit 27. 

All in all it was a fun experience.




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