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Dec. 29th, 2008 | 09:25 am
mood: excitedexcited

Dolphins win!  Dolphins win!

This was a great game, and I have 10 reasons as to why this was a great game:

10. This is the first Dolphin game I saw this year.

9. This was a "W"

8. It was a win over the hated Jets.

7. NE was also knocked out of the playoffs

6. This was one of the biggest team turn arounds ever.

5. This was a winning season

4. Chad winning in NY, is a great story.

3. The Dolphins won their division

2. The Dolphins are hosting a home playoff game

1. Did I mention that they beat the Jets in NY, and at the same time also knocked out the NE, they are in the playoffs, and I was watching it live....this was a sweet Christmas present!

Bring on the Ravens, and let's get the 4-0 bus going!  Actually I would be very happy to see the Dolphins win 1 playoff game.  Unfortunately, I will be traveling next weekend, so I will miss the game on TV.

To my sister Alyssa, that was one ugly game.  My take is that Wade is not around next season.


PPS...on a bad note, Parcells might opt out of his contract, was Wayne has basically sold the team and Bill has an opt out clause...I do not have high hopes that he sticks around....Yuck  :(

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